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Kat's Closet - Scarves

Kat's Closet is on Hiatus as of 1/1/08.

Please visit atomic_lox or email me at thejabberwokie@hotmail.com to inquire about a custom order.

We are an internet-based fashion boutique run out of Southern Oregon, and here to serve! All items offered here (excluding the Factory Made section, as the name implies) are 100% handcrafted - not even a sewing machine has been used thus far. Every single knot in your scarf, every last stitch binding your totebag together was done personally by me, by hand. You will find a small selection of a vast variety of fashion accessories here, all unique and one-of-a-kind. No two bags, no matter how similar are ever exactly the same.
Custom orders are GLADLY accepted, infact prefered, so please feel more than welcome to inquire about anything!

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Kat's Closet - Scarves


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